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This list can be searched by an individual’s name, country or area of expertise, using the links below and your web browser's built-in "find" function. You can use your keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F) for PCs and (Command+F) for Macs. The "find" function will highlight all appearances of a keyword. This works best when only one keyword is used in a search. Five buttons will link you to experts (listed alphabetically) in the following areas: Entomology; Genetics (includes breeding, scion and rootstock cultivar evaluation, tissue culture, taxonomy); Marketing (includes commercial and economic aspects of citrus production); Pathology; and Physiology (includes basic physiology, metabolism, horticulture, nursery bud wood, seed and plant propagation, crop production, nutrition, hormones/plant growth regulators, post-harvest physiology). You can conduct a more refined search within an area of expertise using the instructions above.

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AbobattaWaleed Fouadwabobatta@yahoo.comEGYPTCairo UniversityPhysiology
Nutrition and improving citrus production under climate change conditions, management of citrus orchards in the arid and semiarid area through improving photosynthesis, water relations, and carbohydrate transport to enhance yield and fruit quality
AgustiManuelmagusti@prv.upv.esSPAINUniversidad Politecnica de ValenciaGenetics, Physiology
Flowering, fruit set, fruit development, physiology disorders, and PGRs
AhmedShahnawazshahnawazpomol@gmail.comINDIADepartment of Fruit SciencesPhysiology
Citrus production, processing and breeding
Ait-OubahouAhmedaitoubahou@gmail.comMOROCCOInstitut Agronomique et Veterinaire Hassan IIPhysiology
Postharvest systems and quality management systems
BahnamiriMarzieh Shirdastmarzieh.shirdast@gmail.comIRANCitrus ExpertPhysiology
Citrus nutrition in nursery and orchard
BederskiKlausklaus@toparaorganico.comPERUTopara Fruit Tree NurseryPhysiology
Organic citrus growing, citrus nurseries
BowerJohn Patrickjosan@telus.netSOUTH AFRICASelf-employed, John P. BowerPhysiology
Fruit physiology as related to quality, considering pre- and post-harvest factors
BrinkIan AFRICAProfessional Natural Scientist Specialist/Plant Science ConsultantEntomology
Entomologist and agricultural consultant, crop production advisory service and generation of field data for registration, recent developments include remedy for citrus psylla and HLB, pending registration in South Africa:
CamargoRaquel Luciana Boscariolraquel@centrodecitricultura.brBRAZILCentro de Citricultura Sylvio Moreira/IACGenetics
Citrus biotechnology and genetic transformation - Centro di Ricerca per l'Agrumicoltura e le Colture MediterraneeGenetics
Scion and rootstock breeding, genetics and functional genomics in relation to reproductive biology and fruit ripening
CarvalhoSergio A.sergio@centrodecitricultura.brBRAZILCentro de Citricultura Sylvio MoreiraPhysiology
Citrus propagation
Biotechnology, germplasm, fruit quality, genomics and citrus varieties
ContinellaAlbertoacontine@unict.itITALYUniversity of CataniaGenetics, Physiology
Genetic improvement, cultivar and rootstock evaluation, irrigation management and water-use efficiency
Citrus diversity and genetics
De SouzaAlessandra Alvesalessandra@centrodecitricultura.brBRAZILCentro de Citricultura Sylvio MoreiraPathology
Molecular plant-pathogen interactions and bacterial diseases
DengZhanaozdeng@ufl.eduUSAUniversity of FloridaGenetics, Pathology
Breeding, inheritance, genetics, genome sequecing, transcriptome sequencing, sequence analysis, disease resistance, resistance genes, transgenics, resistance to CTV, resistance to HLB
DiepenbrockLaurenldiepenbrock@ufl.eduUSAUniversity of FloridaEntomology
Applied insect ecology/IPM
DistefanoGaetanodistefag@unict.itITALYUniversity of CataniaGenetics, Physiology
Biotechnology, citrus reproductive biology
FedericiClaireclaire.federici@ucr.eduUSAUniversity of California, RiversideGenetics
Plant breeding and genetics
FeichtenbergerEduardoe.feichtenberger@gmail.comBRAZILAgencia Paulista de Tecnologia dos AgronegociosPathology
Citrus disease by fungi and Phytophthora species, etiology, epidemiology, ecology and management
FernandezJuan Francisco Delgadojdelgado@grupoagricenter.comCOSTA RICALIFE-RID
GermanàMaria Antoniettamariaantonietta.germana@unipa.itITALYUniversity of PalermoGenetics
In vitro plant tissue culture for propagtion, breeding and conservation of citrus and other fruit crops.
GilPablo Alezaaleza@ivia.esSPAINInstituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias (IVIA)Genetics
Culture tissue, polyploid genetics, somatic hybridization, molecular markers, breeding, and triploid
González S.A. de C.V.Pathology
Virology, fruits and vegetable viruses
Grafton-CardwellElizabetheegraftoncardwell@ucanr.eduUSADept. of EntomologyEntomology
Integrated pest management of California citrus
GrahamJames H.jhgraham@ufl.eduUSAUniversity of FloridaPathology
Citrus pathology Research OrganizationPhysiology
Plant molecular biology, sugar sensing and metabolism, regulation of stomata, transpiration, water-use efficiency and abiotic stress
GrosserJude W.jgrosser@ufl.eduUSAUniversity of FloridaGenetics
Citrus breeding, genetics and biotechnology AFRICACitrus Research InternationalEntomology, Pathology
Citrus entomology, citrus pathology, and phtosanitary trade regulation
Citrus seed and budwood production
HussainZahoorzachoundi@yahoo.comPAKISTANUniversity College of Agriculture, Univeristy of SargodhaPhysiology
Post-harvest of horticultural crops
IgnacioMarcelo Ortizmortiz@mrgrape.comUSARichard Bagdasarian, Inc.Physiology
JohnsonEvan Grieregjohnson@ufl.eduUSAUniversity of FloridaPathology
Citrus pathology with an emphasis on root pathology and HLB
KacarYildiz>TURKEYCukurova UniversityGenetics
Citrus biotechnology, molecular markers, and molecular breeding Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters AssociationMarketing
Board Member and National Citrus Council Chairman
KarpDaviddkarp@ucr.eduUSAUniversity of California, RiversideGenetics, Physiology
Citrus germplasm, citron (C. medica); blood oranges; citrus history Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporter's AssociationMarketing
Agrochemical research and development
KruegerRobertrobert.krueger@usda.govUSAUSDA, ARSGenetics, Physiology
Germplasm, genetic resources, horticulture, annd pathology
LovattCarol J.carol.lovatt@ucr.eduUSAUniversity of California, RiversidePhysiology
Citrus physiology and phenology, role of essential nutrients and hormones in regulating flowering, fruit set and fruit development, an integrated approach to alternate bearing, use of properly timed foliar-applied fertilizers and plant growth regulators to solve production problems and increase grower income.
MannersMalcom M.mmanners@flsouthern.eduUSAFlorida Southern CollegePhysiology
Undergraduate teaching, citrus culture and production, propagation techniques
MaraisLawrence Johnlawrence.j.marais@gmail.comUSACitrus Tree DocPathology, Physiology
Citrus pathology and citrus nutrition
MareiHussein Hassanhussein.marei@mareinursery.comEGYPTMarei Orchards and NurseryPhysiology
Nurseryman specialized in the propogration of true to type disease free citrus varieties for local and international customers
Martínez FuentesAmparodemarfue@upv.esSPAINInstituto Agroforestal MediterráneoPhysiology
Citriculture, physiology, crop production
McCollumGreggreg.mccollum@ars.usda.govUSAUSDA, ARSPhysiology
Citrus physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, citrus responses to Liberibacter infection, Huanglongbing and citrus production
MesejoCarloscarmeco@upv.esSPAINInstituto Agroforestal MediterráneoPhysiology
Flowering, fruit set, fruit development and tree physiology
MoraguesMarcmarcosm@ucr.eduUSAUniversity of California - RiversideGenetics
Citrus breeding and genetics
MorillonRaphaelraphael.morillon@cirad.frGUADELOUPECIRADPhysiology, Genetics
Abiotic stress (water deficit, salt stress), biotic stress (HLB), citrus, polyploid, rootstock and tetraploid
Mostaque Anthony's CollegeGenetics
SSR marker discovery from NGS data, SSR - and ISSR based population structure analyses, plant tissue culture of endangered species
MulasMauriziommulas@uniss.itITALYUniversità degli Studi di SassariPhysiology
Postharvest physiology, growth regulators, orchard management and genetic resources
MulhollandThomastom@delite.comUSAMulholland CitrusMarketing, Physiology
Citrus nursery, orchard, packer, and shipper
MunozBeatriz Sabaterb.sabater.munyoz@gmail.comSPAINSpanish National Research Council (CSIC)Entomology
Molecular entomology, systems biology, and evolutionary biology
NovelliValdenice Moreiravaldenice@centrodecitricultura.brBRAZILInstituto Agronomico de Campinas - CCSMGenetics, Pathology
Molecular biology, leprosis and molecular markers
OzkayaOkanokanozkaya@yahoo.comTURKEYCukurova UniversityPhysiology
Postharvest physiology of citrus fruits, storage and fruit quality aspects
Our company started the citrus farming business in the Northern part of Thailand called Chiangmai since 1976. Now we are expanding the cultivation to Lao PDR as well. Apart from growers, we are vendors and distributors.
RibeiroRafael Vasconcelosrvr@unicamp.brBRAZILUniveristy of Campinas (UNICAMP)Physiology
Plant physiology Council for agricultural research and economicsPhysiology
Citrus ecophysiology, plant nutrition, deficit irrigation and organic farming UniversityGenetics
Plant biotechnology, plant tissue culture, molecular markers, gene expression and RNA-Seq Cowan UniversityPhysiology
Production technology, regulation of fruit color, fruit ripening and quality, and Postharvest technology, cold storage, chilling injury, MAP and postharvest disinfection, supply chain
SiscaroGaetanogsiscaro@unict.itITALYUniversity of CataniaEntomology
Biologist pest control, integrated pest management, sustainable pest control strategies
StanderOckert Petras AFRICACitrus Research International LTDPhysiology
Tree physiology, with emphasis on flowering, fruit set, fruit growth and endogenous hormones and use of PGRs, AGRPathology
Sanitation, virus and viroids
SyvertsenJim Pjmsn@ufl.eduUSAUniversity of FloridaPhysiology
Citrus stress physiology
Torres LealGuillermo Josetorres.leal@inta.gob.arARGENTINAInstituto Nacional de Tecnologia AgropecuariaPathology
Postharvest pathology of fruits
Torres PosseSebastiánstposse@sa-sanmiguel.comARGENTINAGenetics
Agronomy - varieties
VarelaRoberto, Pathology
Post harvest and citrus canker CHINAHuazhong Agricultural UniversityEntomology, Pathology
Molecular biology, IPM of citrus insect pests, especially sex determination and SIT of fruit fly, non-chemical control of citrus insect pests like symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms and microbial pesticides

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